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Hiring Process
We hire top talent.

The Karvy Global Human Resources Department is rigorous in its evaluation of candidates.  We expect recruits to understand that their involvement is in growing a company.

The hiring process itself is fairly simple:

We accept applications from candidates whose educational qualifications and work experience match existing requirements. All junior level candidates, are administered a test. Superior test performance qualifies candidates for interviews for subject knowledge, oral skills, and analytical abilities.

For all candidates, initial round interviews are conducted by a panel consisting of operations and Human Resources employees and managers. All employee prospects are required to furnish the names and contact details of references (professional associations) prior to the interviews.

The final round interview for all candidates takes place with a representative of senior management.

After successfully qualifying all the rounds of the selection process, the candidate is required to submit the related documents (education, experience, references etc) for verification. Once verified, an offer letter is sent to the candidate.
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